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Mens Swimwear: Top Brands of Swimwear, for Men’s Swim Shorts & Swim Briefs

Choosing Men’s Swimwear

There are many types of men’s swimwear, including swim shorts, swim briefs, and swim boxers. However, they’re not all designed to meet the same needs and situations. For example, some are ideal for a day at the beach, whereas others are perfect for swimming in the pool—but the crucial thing is to determine what you favour more, style or comfort. In addition, use these other factors to choose the pair of men’s swim trunks that are perfect for you:

  • Consider your body type: Each person has a different body type, which will affect the swimwear you buy. For example, there are athletic, skinny, chubby, and regular physiques. If you’re short and fit, square-cut shorts are an excellent choice. On the other hand, swim briefs or shorts are a comfortable choice for larger men because they won’t slip down.
  • Determine your activity needs: Are you buying swimwear for swimming only, or will you be doing other activities such as wading, surfing, or sunbathing? The types of activities you’ll be engaging in will play a big part in choosing the right type of swimwear. For example, if you’ll be swimming long-distances or doing a lot of laps, you may need to select swim briefs because they’ll offer you less resistance and drag than other swimwear may. If you instead choose to go for a pair of trunks, they’ll cause more of a hindrance during your swim, but this may be a non-issue for you if you’re just swimming for fun.
  • Fabric: The most common materials are polyamide, polyester, and nylon. You should choose a durable fabric that absorbs moisture, is supportive, and is blended with spandex. In addition, selecting a comfortable swimsuit will enable you to enjoy your swimming sessions.

How Should Men’s Swimwear Fit?

You should have between one and three centimetres on either side of your thighs. You can size up a bit more if you want, but beyond that, your swimwear may look a little baggy. The waist should fit you perfectly without too much tightness or sagging. Swim briefs should be form fitting as they are meant to stay snug while swimming laps or diving.

Finding Your Size

Men also need to consider their body type when choosing swimwear, just like with women’s swimwear sizing. These tips will help you improve your physique:

  • A-shaped body type: Men with an A-shaped body have a large physique with emphasis on their legs and torso. For instance, if you wear swimwear size forty-four or above, you may feel more comfortable if you avoid close-fitting swimwear like briefs and opt for swim shorts instead. Swim shorts with an elastic waistband offer better comfort and excellent support at the waist.

  • O-shaped body type: If you’re O-shaped, you have slim legs and a strong abdomen. To choose a perfectly fitting swimsuit, try on some mid-thigh length shorts. They’ll complement your silhouette perfectly.

  • H-shaped body type: H-shaped men have a large build. Because they’re solidly built in the hips and torso, they can choose anything–buttoned waistband swim shorts, swim briefs, and elastic waistband swim trunks.

  • V-shaped body type: These are athletic men. Mid-thigh swim shorts are ideal for athletic builds because they highlight the muscles, but most types of swimwear will look good on V-shaped figures; it simply comes down to personal preference. 

Shop the Best Brands for Men’s Swimwear

INTERSPORT offers a wide range of comfortable men’s swimwear, no matter where you swim, be it in a pool or the ocean. We offer multiple options, including different fits and styles from popular brands like Speedo. Our selection of men’s swimwear will give you the confidence and comfort you need to swim like a pro–and look good while doing it.

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