What Size Cricket Bat For A 14-Year-Old?

The process of sizing a cricket bat for a child can be quite confusing if it’s your first time. But it’s so exciting when your teenager finally commits to the sport enough to want proper equipment for it!

The system for cricket bat sizing can take a minute to work out. We’ll explain everything you need to know in this article here.

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Selecting The Right Cricket Bat

If a young player uses a proper bat that feels comfortable, their chances of performing well can be dramatically increased. Equally, this will work the other way around. So, it’s essential they get the right size for them.

Different Sizes

Usually, junior cricket bats are available in various standard sizes. Before you buy, measure up your child so you can get the most suitable one! The bat you choose will depend on your child’s height.

Size 0

This size is the smallest available size. It’s primarily for youngsters who are less than around 122cm and under. Kids who are four years or younger usually suit this option.

Size 1

This bat is best for kids between four feet 122-130cm tall. Ordinarily, these bats are typically chosen by kids between four and five years of age.

Size 2

Such a bat is best for kids between 130 to 137cm, who are often between the ages of six and seven years old.

Size 3

Size 3 is usually ideal for kids between 4 feet 6 inches and 4 feet 9 inches. Typically, these children are about eight years old.

Size 4

This one is best for kids between a height of 144cm and 150cm, or at the ages of nine and ten years.

Other Sizes

Other than these bat sizes, there’s also size five, and it’s suitable for kids between ten to eleven years, along with size six, which is best for kids that are twelve or thirteen years. 

Harrow is best for kids of fourteen years, or those who have a height which is between 163-168cm.

The Right Size For 14-Year-Old

So, what is the best size of cricket bat for a 14-year-old?

Generally players who are entering into their teenage years can handle playing with either a size 6 or Harrow, depending on their height and strength.

You can double-check that the size is best suited by holding the bat up straight beside the player. The bat needs to be held by the hand outside of the leg, reaching the floor. If the size is correct, then the handle will come where the player’s wrist starts. This is the area where the strap of the watch usually lies. If the handle doesn’t reach that point, the bat is too short, so a larger one must be chosen.


14 is a great age to start playing the game of cricket. It gives any player a head start in learning the basics of the game, along with plenty of time to prove their abilities. One thing that can improve performance besides time to practice and a brilliant coach is the right gear!

Buying a cricket bat that’s the right size will help your child develop the proper technical strategy they strive towards. The cricket experts at INTERSPORT can certainly help with making sure your child gets the right bat for them.

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