Which Football Boots Are Wide Feet Football Boots?

Which Football Boots Are Wide Feet Football Boots?

If there’s any type of player who has it tough; it’s the one with wide feet. We all know how important it is to use a boot that is comfortable and fits well, but that’s not always easy, particularly for those of us with wide feet. More specifically, the width of your foot should be measured at the widest point (either toe or midfoot), but we recommend wearing a thick soccer sock. From there, you’ll want to check the size chart for the particular brand of shoe you’re looking to purchase, as sizes tend to vary. If you’re still not sure, it might be a good idea to test the boots on your broad feet to see how they fit. You’d be shocked at how many players find it unsettling. Basically, the boot needs to be sturdy, not too tight, and allow flexibility for your toes to move. Another way to widen your normal football boots is Prior to the match, spend the first 10 minutes warming up your feet in an old pair of worn-out boots before switching to a new pair to finish the balance of the practice. This way you can stretch any synthetic football boots. Another “trick” we like is to use surgical or blister tape on commonly blistered regions like the outside of the foot, the heel, and the tops of the toes. Both varieties of tape are permeable, preventing excessive sweat buildup while minimizing friction in that area of the boots.

The best football boots for wide feet are listed below:

1. Copa Mundial Football Boots

The Copa Mundial is without a doubt the most recognisable boot on this list. Adidas has made only relatively minor design improvements to this boot over the years that players have been using it. These boots, which are constructed of high-quality kangaroo leather, will conform to your feet after just a few workouts. It should be noted that the mundial’s soft leather will stretch with use, therefore I suggest ordering a half-size smaller to account for this.

2. Nike Tiempo Legend

The Nike Tiempo is a legendary boot as well. I can honestly state that these boots, which I currently wear, have served me quite well. By streamlining the design to accentuate the superior kangaroo leather upper, the Tiempo Legend 8 has improved upon its predecessor. Regardless of the shape of your feet, these boots will eventually break into your feet. Additionally, Nike has incorporated a number of texture zones to provide more padding for ball control. To provide solutions for any budget, this boot also comes in take-down models.


The LETHAL TIGREOR™ IT FF WIDE shoe is designed to keep your wide feet supported, so you can center your attention on making big plays throughout the match. This shoe offers good grip and improved flexibility when performing agile movements on the field. The outsole pattern is structured to increase traction while making it easier to pivot. This helps you move side-to-side and switch directions more easily.

4. New Balance Furon

Finally jumping on the knitted bandwagon, New Balance has created a shoe that fits a wide foot type wonderfully. The new Furon sports a soleplate that responds quickly, giving the wearer speed. The upper of these speed boots is velvety and snug, molding to your feet unlike many other speed boots. Furthermore, a wide-fit version of these boots is also offered. As of now, New Balance is one of the only companies that offers products exclusively for players with broad feet.



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