Is There a Difference Between Football and AFL Boots?

Is There a Difference Between Football and AFL Boots?

Using the proper AFL Boots is crucial to a good match. Being comfortable with and protected by your equipment allows you to confidently show off your skills. 

One of the most important pieces to consider as an AFL player is your boots–while proper AFL boots are the best choice for pros, many casual players opt for football boots. But are FG/AG boots for AFL, and can you use them for footy? Generally, yes, you can use football boots for AFL. That said, there’s a difference between the two: football boots usually have a flat toe while AFL boots feature a curved toe with a small bump. In the latter, the feature helps players to strike the ball more cleanly, which is very important for most AFL players.

The Differences Between Football and AFL Boots

The biggest distinction between football and AFL footwear is the shape of the toe–but there are also other subtle differences in their weight, feel, and design.


In football boots, the toe is generally flat, while in AFL boots, the toe is curved with a bump at the top. This unique feature of AFL boots allows a player to kick the ball more accurately.

AFL boots are also longer. They have a toe spike which adds extra traction when you’re blocking or pushing forward. Football shoes don’t typically have these because they could interfere with ball handling.


Football boots are lightweight, and they’re designed this way to facilitate better agility and speed and reduce fatigue during long runs. AFL shoes are also usually lightweight; in fact, you want them to be similar in weight to football boots for the same reasons. That said, some AFL boots are heavier thanks to added support, which some players might prefer.


In football, toe feel is important. You’ll want to get a consistent response whenever you kick the ball, whether you’re just dribbling or going for a strike. So, manufacturers put great thought into engineering toes and striking areas that feel natural. This isn’t as important in AFL, so most boots don’t advertise such features.


For maximum agility, football boots are often low-cut. This allows the player’s foot to move more freely as they speed along the field. AFL boots, on the other hand, can come in low-cut, mid-rise, and high-top designs. The higher ankle provides more padding and support, which can protect you from getting hurt when in contact with another player.

Can Football Boots Be Used for AFL?

Football boots can be used for AFL, especially if you’re only playing casually. But if you’re playing at a more professional level, proper AFL boots are still the best choice.

AFL boots can be used for rugby, as well, and vice versa. So, if you’re switching between these two Aussie sports, you’re better off investing in this type of shoe.

What to Look For in AFL Boots

Here are some factors that you should consider when buying AFL boots to ensure that you get the right pair for you:


Well-fitted footy boots will ensure that you’re comfortable as you move around the field. Opt for something that’s not too tight nor too loose to prevent any injuries or mishaps.


Some players might prefer a slightly heavier pair of AFL boots for extra support, but generally, lightweight shoes are the best choice for playing footy. A lighter pair that’s closer to the ground will help with your speed and agility.


When buying AFL boots, you’ll have to choose between leather or synthetic material–these will affect your comfort and stability during a match. It wholly depends on you which one’s better for your foot, but for many, the best option is to go for hybrid boots, which feature a mix of both.

What Are the Best AFL Boots?

Not many brands make boots specific to the AFL. ASICS are one of the exceptions, so they’re extremely popular amongst players and are also used in Rugby League and Union codes. ASICS shoes are designed similarly to running shoes; they have an elevated heel and a midsole, which offer adequate cushioning and support and minimise the risk of injuries.

For players using football boots for AFL, brands like Nike, adidas or New Balance are also excellent choices for their experience in creating high-quality boots.

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