We left the fancy gyms behind and shone a light on places that most of us have never heard of. These are not ordinary places but extraordinary places people take training. It’s time to tell their stories, in a journey that will take you from the rural countryside to city suburbs. From community to community. Wherever you take training, we are with you with the enthusiasm, advice and products for you.


Meet Emma-Jane Smith. Scotland’s strongest woman under 82 kilos. She is a highly inspiring woman who exceeded all expectations and has overcame all the hurdles that had been put in her way by those who dictated what to do and who she should be.

Her pursuit to becoming the strongest woman in Scotland led her to making history by being the first woman to lift the legendary Dinnie stones (333kg) with her bare hands.

Her message to the world is: “You have to be careful to value yourself and small achievements. Just have fun and wait and see what happens. The feeling of having achieved something yourself is great. To achieve your goals, you have to pay attention to the right attitude during training or in everyday life. To believe in your own abilities is not easy at first. ”


Meet Foysol Miah. There should be more people like him, he has made it his goal in life to open up new perspectives for local London youngsters through training. The group trains in the outdoor fitness park of the non-profit organization Steel Warriors in London’s Poplar district.

Foysol’s message for the world is:” To achieve these goals, we need more money and projects to promote youth. I would be very happy if experts and large organizations support and advise us. I hope to start a movement that people around the world are following.”

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