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Womens Running Shoes

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Womens Running Shoes

What should you look for in running shoes for women?

Choosing the right womens running shoes can be a daunting task because of all that you have to get right before you invest in a pair of new shoes. Comfort, size, wearability, durability…the list goes on. The first thing you will need to check is that it is specifically a womens running shoe. Avoid regular sneakers for ladies as they may not provide the right level of comfort and support you will need when running. The next thing to remember about women’s running footwear is to make sure you have the right fit. Take your time with this one! Not only do you need the right size, but you also need the right shape for your foot. Every woman’s foot is different, and womens running shoes come in multiple fits and styles so you can be sure to find the one that is right for you. Finally, you need to select the right type of running shoe. Will you be needing the shoe for everyday running, competitive running, or off-road running? Each of these activities calls for a different type of womens running shoe, so you should have a good idea of what you will be needing the new running shoes for before you buy.

Is there a difference between womens and mens running shoes?

Men and women tend to have differently shaped feet, so you will find there is a difference between male and female running shoes. Male running shoes tend to be wider to accommodate the general trend that men have larger feet than women. Notably, womens running shoes are slightly wider in the forefoot and toe part of the shoe but narrower in the heel. Men’s are narrower in the forefoot and toe but wider in the rest of the shoe.

Is it bad for women to wear men’s running footwear?

Generally, womens running shoes are a better fit for most women because they are designed with the female foot shape in mind. However, it is important to note that all women have different foot shapes and sizes. Some women may have much wider feet and may find they are more comfortable in men’s running shoes than womens running shoes. This is not a bad thing! The most important thing for ladies when purchasing womens running shoes is comfort and support. If they receive a better fit and improved comfort when wearing men’s running shoes, then they should consider opting for these shoes.

How to shop for new womens running shoes?

You can wear any running shoes you wish, provided you consider the two most critical factors: comfort and support. As some women may find a more suitable fit when wearing men’s running shoes, likewise, some men who have smaller, narrower feet may prefer womens running shoes. Even though the styles of shoes are typically gendered, this does not mean that men cannot wear womens running shoes and vice versa.

What are the best brands of women’s running shoes?

The best womens running shoes are those which are well-made of quality materials. Whether it’s Nike, Adidas, or ASICS, your running shoe should provide ample cushioned support on the sole and flexibility in the upper part of the shoe to maximise comfort when running. The best womens running shoes for you will also depend on the shape of your foot as well as your manner of running (your gait). If you tend to have highly arched feet, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus might be the running shoe for you. But if you’re a stability runner, that is someone who pronates more than average and needs more middle cushioning, ASICS Kayano might be your best option for womens running shoes. Most importantly, your new running shoe should fit properly and keep the foot supported in the appropriate positions for running that works best for you.

Shop popular brands like Asics, Nike and more | What INTERSPORT offers

INTERSPORT offers a wide variety of womens running shoes from popular brands that will help you stay comfortable and agile while making your strides. Whether you run on a treadmill, trails, or sidewalk, you have the option to compare and choose from many different styles and fits from all of your favorite brands. Discover new arrivals from Intersport’s selection of womens running shoes that will give you the support you need to tackle your next run.

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