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Massage Guns : Targeted Massage Therapy for Muscle Recovery

Recovery Therapy with Massage Guns: Discover Massage Guns from Top Brands like PPT and Theragun

As humans, we are continually changing. Your body won’t feel the same every day, so neither should your muscle recovery routine. Most of us are living busy, stressful lives, making it hard to focus on much beyond what you have to do–work, run errands, or exercise. But what if we all shifted our perception from what we have to do to what we should do like spending quality time with loved ones, setting fulfilling goals, or recovering from day-to-day physical and emotional stress. Massage therapy and quality massage guns can help you relieve stress and relax your muscles.

Benefits from a Massage Gun and Percussive Therapy

The benefits of Theragun Percussive Therapy and prioritizing recovery go way beyond what you may see on the sidelines of a professional sporting event. Massage Therapy is for everybody, regardless of occupation or lifestyle. No matter what walk of life you come from, we all experience wear and tear on our bodies and muscles. Whether your body is feeling the effects of a morning cycling class, a recent run, or a long day at work, it’s essential you allow your muscles to recover. Once you begin to understand the many benefits of everyday muscle recovery, you can start to truly feel better naturally.

  • Decrease muscle soreness & stiffness
  • Increases blood flow
  • Decrease lactic acid
  • Improves range of motion
  • Hydrates muscle tissue
  • Improves stretching ability

What to Consider When Choosing a Powerful Massage

Massage guns are a great tool to aid you in the muscle recovery process. A massager will put extra pressure on your muscles to help them relax and recover from exercise and everyday stress. When buying a powerful massage gun for at-home use, there are several factors to consider beyond effectiveness and price.

Massage Gun Durability 

Whether your massage gun will be used by everyone in your household or you take it on-the-go in your gym bag, it’s important to remember exactly how much you’re going to put the device through. Durability is one of the biggest differences between a high-quality massage gun and cheap knock-offs created to jump on the massage-gun bandwagon.

Durability starts with the quality of a massage gun’s components and materials. Not only does the Theragun’s commercial-grade brushless motor make no compromises on power and performance, every other part of the device was thoughtfully designed with high-quality materials fit for the job.  On the other hand, the brittle, cheap plastic of other massage guns often breaks easily when you drop the device, or even just from regular use. When choosing a durable massage gun, it will be important to keep the massage gun brand in mind. Be sure to undertake a full review of the different massage guns on the market before making a purchasing decision.

Massage Gun Treatment Quality

Most massage guns look like they work the same way, but look a little closer and you’ll find that some massage guns extend back and forth at a shorter distance than others. For most massage gun brands, this distance is arbitrarily chosen within the constraints of the guns design and manufacturing. Theragun’s precise, scientifically-calibrated 16 mm of amplitude are what truly make the massage gun unique. At this distance, Theragun reaches 60% deeper into muscle than average massagers or massage guns. That’s true percussive therapy for your muscles.

Massage Gun Warranty

We know that investing in your wellness or muscle recovery routine isn’t always a split-second decision, so the more peace of mind, the better when investing in the best massage therapy guns. That’s why we stand by Theragun’s superior components and build quality with an industry-leading warranty on every massage gun. A warranty can come in handy if your massage gun motor dies or if you run into other issues.

When purchasing a therapy massage gun, you will also want to consider battery life, the carrying case, and a quiet motor. Check to ensure that the massage gun is tested and reviewed so that you get the quality you pay for.

Additional Benefits of Using a Portable Massage Gun

The primary focus of percussive massage therapy is to boost workout and sports performance and foster muscle recovery. Beyond that, other benefits of getting a massage gun for vibration therapy include:

  • Relaxing the body by relieving stress, releasing fluid and tension from your muscles, and increasing tissue metabolism
  • Increasing lymphatic and blood circulation, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach each muscle
  • Waking up atrophied muscles, allowing for faster healing with improved flexibility
  • Stimulating your nerve receptors, which encourages vasodilation in your muscles and skin and improving mobility
  • Improving flexibility in your muscles, which enhances the range of motion and reduces the risk of sprains and strains
  • Boosting overall wellness–for example, using a massage gun frequently can improve your immunity and sleep by reducing anxiety
  • Massaging collagen fibres, breaking up scar tissues to relieve constriction and muscle pain

Massage guns can help you experience these therapy benefits and relieve stress in your life. The massage gun works to aid in smart recovery and improved health.

How to Use a Gun for Your Massage

It is important to use your massage gun properly to reap maximum benefits. Follow these steps when using your massage gun:

  • First, turn on your massage gun before placing it on your body and muscles. Turning on a massage gun while in contact with your body can cause bruising from the vibration, resulting in a jarring experience for each muscle.
  • Start at a low speed and increase the speed after assessing your vibration tolerance levels–starting at high speed might be painful on your muscles.
  • Whatever massage gun speed you opt for, “float” the gun across your muscles–light to moderate pressure often yields the best results. Then, let your massage gun do all the work by gliding it over your body.
  • Don’t forget to relax each muscle! A massage gun should ease muscle tightness, not make muscle soreness worse. If you flex your muscles and are too tense while gliding the gun over muscles, you may not get the desired therapy benefits—just breathe in and breathe out slowly as you move the gun across your body.

Don’t use a massage gun over bony areas and open wounds, bruises, or musculoskeletal injuries, as this will irritate the area.

Choosing the Right Gun for Your Massage

Choosing the best percussive massage gun to purchase can be a challenging decision. There are a variety of guns trending on the massage gun market, so you can make a smart purchasing decision and find a massage gun that you like. Here are two factors to guide you when buying a massage gun:

  • Power–massage gun power refers to how fast the buns head oscillates and the depth at which it moves, as this dictates the overall comfort of the massage and the difference between a deep or light muscle massage. Further, buying a massage gun with variable speeds enables you to choose the speed and strength that’s perfect for you. To buy the right massage gun, opt for one with a head that travels further, because it will be able to apply more pressure to your muscles and relax them completely. You will also want a massage gun with a strong battery, carrying capability, quiet motor, and powerful force.
  • Portability–you’ll most likely use your massage gun at the gym or at home; however, if you wish to travel or carry your massage gun around with you, portability is a critical factor. You may want to choose a massage gun with a case to make it easier to transport both the massage gun and any of the guns attachments, so that you can have a massage on the go.

Here at INTERSPORT, we sell the best massage guns. You can review all the guns and can find a massage gun that best fits your therapy needs. Whether you are looking for a popular-brand name massage gun to carry to the gym or a deep-tissue muscle massage gun for home use, you’re sure to find the perfect massager.

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