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Shop Cricket Gear: Footwear, Clothing, and Equipment

Cricket Gear at INTERSPORT – How to shop for cricket gear for sale online

As a nation, Australians love their cricket. Whether you’re into playing long or short-form cricket: cricket has made a name for itself as one of the most popular sports in the county. As a sport, it gets you outside working with your teammates and finessing many skills — whether you’re a batsman, bowler or all rounder.

But buying cricket gear before you start playing takes research and time. Just about any sports shop in Australia will be awash with cricket bats, cricket pads, cricket helmets and numerous other accessories in all different brand names from Kookaburra to New Balance to Grey-Nicolls. That’s why it’s important to know your needs as a cricket player before buying a bunch of gear.

Below, we’ll answer all your need-to-know questions about cricket equipment, so that you can do your cricket shopping at INTERSPORT without confusion or hassle.

What cricket equipment do I need?

Playing cricket requires a fair bit of specialist equipment, right from junior level. Even if you’re a bowler, you’re going to need a cricket bat, crickets pads and a cricket helmet for the time that you are at the crease. In addition, you’ll need shirts, pants, and socks, as well as the right shoes that come in the right size. 

Finally, with all this gear, you and your team are going to need bags to stash your kit in. Cricket bags can be quite large since they have to lug around big equipment like cricket bats and cricket pads. You will not want to be spending time trying to squeeze your pads and bats in a tiny kit bag; you’ll want to pack up after a match without fuss and too much heavy lifting.

What sizing do I need for my cricket gear? 

If you’re looking to buy your cricket gear from an online shop such as INTERSPORT, the best thing to do is get your measuring tape handy. You can measure your height and length of calves, so you can determine your cricket pads size.

When it comes to cricket helmets, you should have another person measure your head for you. Different brands have different sizes, so make sure you check out each individual size guide for the piece of equipment you are buying. 

Is Kookaburra the best cricket brand?

INTERSPORT stocks a lot of Kookaburra kit we also supply additional brands that are great for cricket gear. While Kookaburra will always be one of the best around, take your time to look at each brand as some may suit you better than others.

For example, different brands can cater to different budgets so you may want to invest more in one particular item, and choose a less expensive piece of equipment for other bits of your cricket kit bag. If you are a batsman, for example, you may want to spend more on your bats, while a wicket keeper may want to invest heavily in the right type of gloves. 

How much do cricket bats and cricket pads cost? 

When it comes to cricket bats and pads, we have a big range of quantity and pricing for both at INTERSPORT. However, if you’re serious about cricket, then spending around $200 for a bat is a good estimate. 

Cricket pads are something that can be tempting to save money on, but in the long run, it’s advisable not to scrimp on this key bit of cricket gear. Pads help to prevent injury so that you can continue to play for longer and far more effectively than if you have sub-substandard pads that don’t fit correctly and may not protect you from the ball. 

Bats, Shoes, Bags and More: Your Cricket Shop at INTERSPORT

Shopping for cricket gear online is far easier than you may initially think! Once you’ve decided what your budget is and what brand you want for each item, measure yourself to ensure that you’re buying the right size for you. For kids playing cricket, it’s wise to regularly check their measurements in order to ensure that their bat, pads and helmet are still at a good fit. When they’re not, you can put yourself in harm’s way playing with kit that won’t protect you. In addition, always make sure to keep your equipment such as gloves, pads, and bat in good shape and buy new equipment when needed.

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