A Springy Ride for Every Run

A springy ride for every run, the Peg’s familiar, just-for-you feel returns to help you accomplish your goals. This version has the same responsiveness and neutral support you love but with improved comfort in those sensitive areas of your foot, like the arch and toes.

Whether you’re logging long marathon miles, squeezing in a speed session before the sun goes down or hopping into a spontaneous group jaunt, it’s still the established road runner you can put your faith in, day after day, run after run.

The World Runs in Pegasus

Celebrating its 40th lap around the Sun, the Pegasus has been beloved by runners of all kinds for its lightweight dependability. Whether you’re a world-record holder, a daily mile-maker or just a first-timer looking to start on the right foot, Pegasus is the shoe for everyone.

Nike Pegasus 40

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