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GRAY-NICOLLS Handcrafted bats continue to be Australian made at their premises in Cheltenham, Victoria, using a combination of traditional and innovative methods, resulting in a product of exceptional quality. Gray-Nicolls take great pride in ensuring every bat is made to the highest standard, striving to ensure their bats have the best rebound and power, to go that bit further over the boundary.


High grade materials ensure you show your best skills on the field. Gray-Nicolls has maximum shock absorption lightweight cricket pads for a comfortable fit. Discover the latest gloves and protection gear in our new Cricket catalog.


Looking to up your game? Kookaburra has a wide range of premium quality cricket bats available to improve performance in every way. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, know that Kookaburra has the perfect design just for you. Shop Kookaburra Cricket bats so you can take to the field with complete confidence.


Safety on the pitch is paramount at Kookaburra Sport. Whether bowling,batting or fielding Kookaburra offers a range of protective equipment for cricket players of all ages, levels and positions. Built with dedication to quality and detail, Kookaburra protective gear is available in sizes to suit junior and senior players, helping you play safer for longer.


Take on the season with confidence using the new and improved Dynamic And Traditional cricket ranges. Whether you are a risk taker all over the wicket or you build your innings with precision, find the perfect range for you with New Balance. From cricket bats, protection, shoes and bags we stock everything.


We understand the challenges you face on gameday and want to ensure that everyone has access to the best designs and products to meet their needs. Whether you’re looking for a duffle bag, back-pack or wheeled bag we have your bases covered. Shop Cricket Bags from top brands like Gray-Nicolls, Kookaburra, New Balance & Gunn & Moore.


There is no doubt about it: there’s always an element of risk involved when you’re out on the field. To minimize your risk of injury, it’s important that you’re well protected where it matters most. We offer a range of personal protection from brands like Kookaburra and Gray Nicolls to help you feel safer in front of an attacking bowler. Offering a variety of sizing for adults and juniors, if you’re serious about cricket then you better be serious about protection.


For a sport that requires a lot of time on your feet, proper footwear is crucial to ensure avid gameplay and peak performance. Browse our range of high-quality cricket shoes, including spike and rubber options fromASICS, New Balance, Kookaburra & Gray Nicolls.


Cricket training equipment plays a vital role in honing the skills of aspiring cricketers and improving the performance of seasoned players. From batting to bowling and fielding, specialized tools such as cricket nets, batting cages, and bowling machines provide focused practice opportunities.


Cricket accessories play a crucial role in enhancing the performance and protection of cricketers on the field. From the Robo Arm, Cricket Stumps, Bat Ultra Grips designed to deliver powerful shots with precision, to the indispensable cricket ball, each accessory serves a unique purpose.

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Make it Your Season – Cricket

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Make it Your Season – Cricket

Cricket: The National Sport of Australia

Aside from the premium gear, bags, and batting equipment, cricket is at the core of Australia’s identity. Australia had a cricket team before it was even established as a nation, and it’s no secret that many Aussies consider the captain of the Australian cricket team to be nearly as important as the Prime Minister.

Whether you’re a veteran player who loves to enjoy cricket in your leisure time or a young player hoping to be the next Donald Bradman, Intersport has the equipment you need to play your best game. We are your one-stop cricket shop to keep you playing like a pro, whether you’re looking for gear for adult cricket players or youth.

How to Shop for the Perfect Cricket Bat

Your cricket bat can make or break your cricket match. Like all cricket gear, a cricket bat is not one-size-fits-all, especially if you’re a junior. Bats should be purchased based on the height of the player using them, here’s a quick guide that works for both kids and adult cricket matches:

  • 129-to-137-centimetre individuals should use a size 2 bat.
  • 137-to-144-centimetre individuals should use a size 3 bat.
  • 144-to-150-centimetre individuals should use a size 4 bat.
  • 150-to-157-centimetre individuals should use a size 5 bat.
  • 157-to-163-centimetre individuals should use a size 6 bat.
  • 163-to-168-centimetre individuals should use a Harrow size bat.
  • 168-to-175-centimetre individuals should use an Academy size bat.
  • Individuals of 175 centimetres and above should use a Full size bat.

Next, you need to consider the weight of your cricket bat. If you have a considerable amount of upper body strength or are an ‘arm swinger,’ a heavier bat may suit you best. If you are more of a ‘wristy’ player, select a lighter bat weight. The way the bat will actually feel is dependent on its ‘sweet spot.’

The sweet spot on the bat can enhance bat speed and front footplay. A classical sweet spot is located towards the middle of the bat, but power-hitters tend to prefer a low sweet spot. When holding your cricket bat, see how the weight feels in your hand. Give it a few test swings to see if it’s the right weight and balance.

What Type of Wood Is Used for Cricket Bats?

A cricket bat is typically made from one of two types of willow: English Willow or Kashmir Willow. English Willow is considered the best of the two for batting because it is lightweight but has a cell structure that allows for density and impact resistance, which justifies its steeper price point. This type of bat is ideal for competitive players or who play on a competitive team or league.

A cricket bat made with Kashmir Willow is ideal for tape ball cricket, softer ball cricket, and beginner-level cricket. This is perfect if you’re on a recreational team or are just exploring your love of the game.

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