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What are the best school shoes for Kids?

Getting the right pair of shoes for your children to wear to school can be a difficult balancing act. You want your child to be happy with their new pair in terms of style, but you also want the shoes to be functional. Those two ideas do not always work together — but it’s definitely possible! Brands like NikeAdidasNew Balance and Asics can make great options for school shoes as they look stylish as well as being manufactured to very high standards.

But what really makes a good pair of children’s shoes so that you can make sure you’re always buying the best? And ultimately, what are the best shoes for school? This guide will answer those questions as well as explore how you can find shoes that fit those criteria. We also go over why you need to get the right fit for kids’ school shoes, as it really emphasizes why it’s important to take your time to find the right pair for your child.


What makes a good pair of school shoes?

School shoes should have the following characteristics to make them suitable for school.

Hard wearing

Your child will be wearing their shoes five out of seven days of the week. That’s why they need to be hard wearing — so that they do not fall apart after a week’s usage. You probably want your child to wear the same pair of shoes for at least one school year, so ensure you’re buying a pair from a trusted brand. Read reviews of different brands and styles before heading to the store so you have an idea of the quality of shoes you’re considering.

Breathable material

Because your child will be wearing these shoes often, it’s key that the shoes you choose are going to look after your child’s feet. Keeping them cool and free of sweat is one of the most important things a shoe needs to do. That’s why you should avoid shoes made from materials like rubber or synthetic materials that won’t allow your child’s feet to breathe. You should also keep your eyes out for shoes designed with mesh or overlays, which create breathability.

Ankle support

Children’s developing bodies need as much help as they can get to support that growth. That’s why you should look for high quality shoes that will help support your child’s ankles so that they are less likely to fall over and hurt themselves, as well as help promote good posture for the rest of their body.


Kids really do make their shoes go the extra distance, as they are constantly on the move. That’s why the shoes you pick have to stack up to this! Kids will often be found playing football or sport in their school shoes in the playground, so make sure the pair you choose are able to respond to those needs.

How to get the best school shoes for Kids

One of the best ways you can get the best school shoes for your kids is to try on lots of different pairs and styles, preferably across a couple of brands. Choose brands that you know will be manufactured well and then go with how each type of shoe fits your child’s feet. Make sure the shoes are not too tight or loose and that your child is able to walk in them easily, without them slipping off their feet or nipping them in any areas like their toes.


Why you need the right fit in school shoes for Kids

Getting the right fit for your kids’ school shoes is key for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you buy cheap, you’ll probably buy twice. Kids really make their school shoes work for their money, so if you buy lower quality shoes, the likelihood is that you’ll have to buy another pair before your child outgrows them.

Secondly, it helps your child’s development if they’re wearing shoes that fit them properly and promote a natural movement. If your child’s shoes fit incorrectly in any way, they will not walk or run properly. Plus, it may encourage poor posture and therefore create muscle pain as a result.

Finally, if your child’s shoes do not fit correctly, they are less likely to want to be active. As their shoes are impeding their freedom of movement, they will simply not move as much, which is something that no parent wants. Buying them the best fitting shoe can really help them put their best foot forward! If you want to find the best fit possible, head to INTERSPORT and have one of our professionals fit your child’s new shoes so that they’re headed to school in style and comfort.

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