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Australian Rules Football

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AFL Clothing: Australian Rules Football Apparel and Accessories

AFL Clothing and Supporter Gear

How to Shop for the Best AFL Jerseys

The are several things to consider while buying the football jersey of your favorite AFL team:

  • Quality of the material–you don’t want to buy an AFL jersey that becomes a torn piece of clothing after one use. So, choose the branded first copy jersey of your favorite team; alternatively, choose jerseys made from the best material available.
  • Copy or original–to buy an authentic AFL jersey, go for the original copy. However, you can also choose the first or second copies as they won’t be too different from the original copy.
  • Price–you probably don’t care about the price when it comes to getting your favorite AFL team’s jersey. However, spending too much money on a jersey isn’t a great idea, so it’s best to always opt for the one you can easily afford.

How to Buy New AFL Socks

AFL socks don’t carry the glamour that other AFL fan gear does–you rarely see professional endorsements for football socks. However, they’re a great way to show support for your favorite AFL team. 

Here are two vital factors to consider when shopping for football socks:

  • Size–the most obvious thing to consider when buying AFL socks is the correct size. After all, many of us played football on a Saturday afternoon with one sock not making it past the top of our shins and the other up to our knee. This not only makes you look a little strange, but also it’s uncomfortable. So, to support your favorite football team, you need to buy football socks that fit you perfectly.
  • Moisture-wicking–some football socks are made with sweat-wicking materials to prevent sweat from building to uncomfortable levels while also reducing the smell. If you’re an all-action footballer who doesn’t stop jumping and running when playing on the weekend, this is certainly a feature to consider when shopping for new AFL socks. 

How to Wear AFL Scarves 

While attending football matches or watching them on TV, you might have noticed that some football fans choose not to wear their scarves the entire time and instead hold them above their heads. Draping an AFL scarf around the back of your neck offers a more accessible way to grab your scarf quickly and cheer every time your team scores or wins the game. 

Also, you can bundle up during the chilly weather and support your team by wearing your scarf the traditional way and wrapping it securely around your neck.

Shop Our Collection Of AFL Gear

At INTERSPORT, we sell authentic AFL fan gear from reputable brands, including Puma, Sherrin, Asics, and Burley Sekem.

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