First came into market in 2010, PTP is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. PTP strives to offer the latest portable fitness products which helps to strengthen core, cardio, and target recovery. Used by champions praised by elite athletes and endorsed by several sports enthusiasts PTP manages to bridge the gap between performance and accessibility to all.

PTP has a huge range of equipment and accessories to choose from including resistance bands, massage balls, massage guns, massage rollers, home gym equipment which is proven to activate muscles to help grow and improve. PTP resistance bands are ideal for strengthening glutes, hips, legs and shoulder.

Discover equipment and accessories from PTP to help strengthen core and relieve soreness and speed up the recovery process now available at your nearest local INTERSPORT store or online.



Harness the power of water and discover a new way of training that will shape your body developing functional strength, stability, and muscle endurance. The PTP AQUACORE™ will let you train your full body through the instability of water flow. This form of training activates your smaller stabilising muscles whilst completing all Athletic movements.


The PTP MYOXV Massage Gun features a LED screen and an angled handle which enables you to access hard-to-reach areas. It also has an ergonomically designed removeable silicone handle cover for increased grip and comfort. The MYOXV Massage Gun uses a Brushless Torque Motor with a 9-speed design (up to 2800 percussions per minute), which allows a customised massage for the user.


Featuring innovative “Reactive-Knit”, the MicroBand X is designed to strengthen your hips, glutes, legs and shoulders without curling up or sticking together. It can be machine-washed to prevent perspiration build-up and bacteria growth.

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