PTP Home Training Routines

We stock a great range of PTP products perfect for training within the comfort of your home.

Checkout the below routines that you can utilise for your training:

Coreball Routines 1-4

Utilise the PTP Coreball for a range of different exercises from mobility to strength

PowerTube+ Routine

The PTP PowerTube+ Resistance Bands are perfect for strength training

Flexiband Routine

Utilise the PTP Flexiband to work on your flexibilty

Core Slider Routine

Work on engaging your core with the PTP Endurance+Pack

Roller Routines 1 & 2

Utilise the PTP X Roller to help relieve muscle tension and work on flexibilty

Microband Routine

Work on strengthening your glutes with the PTP MicroBand+

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