Picking a boot for the 2019 Football season can be tough! We all have our favourite brands, styles and fits.

But how do you know which boot is most suitable for you?

Are there boots that are more suitable to certain football codes?

Football boots are interchangeable across codes! There is no specific football code for each boot. Generally, brands such as adidas, Nike and Puma create their boots with a soccer consumer in mind. However, as displayed by the numerous professional AFL, Rugby League and Union footballers that use their boots, they can be used across codes. adidas, Nike and Puma boots are designed to be lightweight and responsive.

ASICS boots are mainly used in AFL, Rugby League and Union codes. ASICS boots are based on running shoes, which means they have an elevated heel and a midsole. This is designed to minimise the risk of injury and provide greater cushioning and support. With these added benefits comes added weight. Many soccer players prefer adidas, Nike and Puma boots as they are closer to the ground and lighter weight. This can add ball control, speed and agility. An ASICS boot that is light and may be more suitable for soccer is the ASICS Menace.

Orthotics Image Asics

I have orthotics, is there a boot that is more suitable for me?

The most suitable football boots for orthotics is ASICS. There are a few ASICS boots that are most suitable for orthotics. These are the ASICS Lethal Ultimate FlyteFoam and the ASICS GEL-Lethal 18. These boots are designed to emulate running shoes, featuring a full-length midsole for cushioning and premium stability and support. These boots are deeper than most, meaning that there is plenty of room for the orthotic.

Are some brands better than others at INTERSPORT?

At INTERSPORT, we have great confidence in our brands. We are firm believers that there are no brands or models that are the “best.” Everyone’s feet are different, and all players have varying preferences. Some players may value speed and explosiveness and may opt for a boot such as the Puma Future 19.1, when another may over-pronate and would prefer a shoe that provides added arch support such as the ASICS Lethal Ultimate. If you’re unsure on which model would suit you best, our expert staff would love to help you through the process. Check out your closest store here.




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