How Can You Make Running Even More Fun?

Running is not everyone’s favourite activity. For some it can take too much time out of the day, for others it seems like a tedious way to exercise that doesn’t stimulate the mind enough. However, the team at INTERSPORT have put together a few ways that can help keep you motivated to lace up your runners and enjoy running.


Setting goals for lots of things in your daily life can be helpful, and running is no different. By setting goals you give yourself a deeper purpose for running, rather than simply going just because you think you should. However, it’s important to remember to make sure that your running goals are realistic. As a beginner, do not expect that you can run a marathon within two months. A good cause might be to sign up for a running event like a fun run or charity event. Then you have something concrete and time-bound to work towards.

The best way to stay accountable to your goals is to make sure you record data each time you go for a run. There are lots of different apps (Strava is one of the most popular) that can be used on either smartphones or watches to help you track how far you run, where you run and at what pace. This gives you an idea of your starting point and what a realistic goal is to work towards.


Nothing is more important than being prepared. Arguably the most important aspect of running regularly is the type of footwear you choose. Not only do your shoes need to be comfortable, but they also need to offer the right amount of support (some people need runners which provide more arch support, some people need less) to help prevent injury and keep you running for longer.

It’s also very important to be able to dress for the conditions you’re likely to face on your run, no matter what season you’re in and what weather you might encounter. Luckily INTERSPORT can help you with both, thanks to our huge range of footwear and apparel.

It’s also important to make sure you wash your running clothes and care for your running shoes after every run. Seeing your favourite pair of running shorts or running top sitting there waiting to be washed can give you a reason not to go out and do that run you had planned, so make sure you’re organised and that will help you stay motivated. You running shoes also need to be cared for so you can maximise their lifespan and ensure they perform optimally on every run. 


Finding 2 or 3 regular running routes you can do can be a great help in terms of not only motivation, but also giving you an idea of how you’re performing. If you run the same route regularly, your overall times are comparable because you run the same distance and you’ll be able to track your improvement over time.

In saying that, sometimes running somewhere you’ve not experienced before can be helpful as well. Because you have no prior knowledge of the route, it allows you not to benchmark yourself against previous runs and just enjoy the run you’re on. Often these sorts of runs can produce better results than when you run your go-to tracks or paths.


A run with music in your ears can be very motivating. Before your run, make a nice, up-beat playlist that gives you energy and you are ready to go. If you’re not sure what music is best for your running style, there are lots of pre-made playlists available online. It may work even better for you if you choose music with the same tempo as your running cadence (ie: how many steps you take every minute when running).

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