Kookaburra Sport was established in Melbourne by Alfred Grace Thompson in 1890. After 130 years Kookaburra Sport remains a 100% Australian family-owned business. Fourth and fifth generation members of the Thompson family continue to work at Head Office in Melbourne, with additional offices in India, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, and an agency in South Africa, employing over 200 people globally.

Kookaburra has a wide range of premium quality cricket bats available for sale made to improve performance in every way. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, know that we have the perfect design just for you. The brand only supplies the best cricket bats so you can take to the field with complete confidence. No ball has played more test matches, taken more test wickets, scored more test runs and been a part of more iconic cricket moments than the Kookaburra test cricket ball.

Trust Kookaburra for all your cricket bat, balls and equipment needs in Australia. Contact our friendly team at INTERSPORT in-store or online to know what we have available.