The National Bushfire Crisis has been heartbreaking to watch, from everyone at INTERSPORT our hearts go out to those affected and everyone that has continued to fight the fires and provide support to the affected communities.

INTERSPORT will be donating $10 from every online sale for the month of January, including orders that have already been placed. The money from these sales will be donated directly to the
Bushfire Disaster Appeal via Red Cross Australia.

While we know many of you have already donated, this is a simple thought from us that we hope helps ease someone’s pain during this terrible time.

If you’d like to help out directly, you can also donate directly to the Bushfire Disaster Appeal via Red Cross Australia, which is where our donations will be going:

We understand the Firefighters are in much need of support right now,  you can also donate to your state fire service or your local brigade.

If you are looking for non-monetary ways to help, here are some ideas that are just as important:

Red Cross Blood Donations:

Givit Item Donations:

During times of emergency like this it’s important that we all band together and do whatever we can to provide support to all of those affected and together we can make a difference.

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