At INTERSPORT our mission is to bring Sport to the People. We aim to provide our customers with the best products from the world’s best brands while always providing great value and service. Becoming part of the largest sporting retailer in the world ensures that we can deliver on this promise. This time. Every time.

We are focused on creating a culture that will ensure that our members are working together to achieve the best results for themselves and the wider group.

Due to the global scale of INTERSPORT, it is a low cost but high value franchise model. Some of the many benefits INTERSPORT Australia provides to its franchisees are:

  • Improved local trading terms
  • Access to global INTERSPORT exclusive products and deals
  • Global exclusive marketing campaigns from the biggest brands in sport
  • Nationally managed marketing campaigns
  • Management of the national website, email set up and support
  • Centrally managed online members information hub
  • Head Office organised ‘Go-to-Market’ conferences
  • Low cost franchise model


For further information on joining INTERSPORT Australia please contact our head office.

PH: 03 8560 4677

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