Kids feet are constantly growing

It’s important to ensure that there is roughly 1-2cm between the end of the longest toe and the end of the shoe

Step 2


Shop by fit – not just size

We have experts in-store to measure and help you select the all-round best fit for your kids foot type.

The toe-box of the shoe should allow toes to move freely and not be squashed from the tops or the sides.

Step 3


It is critical your child is fitted with a suitable shoe for their specific sports and activities.

Our expert fitting staff can help make sure your child is fitted with the right shoe for their activities.

Step 4


Support and cushioning are essential to ensure that feet are supported as they grow.

All feet are different and have different requirements. Many kids have orthotics and may require a deeper, neutral shoe with extra cushioning.

Others may not have orthotics but severely pronate and require a shoe with added arch support. Our expert staff will make sure your child has a shoe that fits correctly!

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